3 reasons why a caravan is the best way to explore New Zealand

We’re lucky to call New Zealand home, that goes without saying. But how many of us can say that we’ve seen and done it all? Or perhaps, how many of us would rather head overseas instead?

There’s the saying, “discover your own backyard before you discover the world.” And for better or worse, now is the time to start thinking about that. We’ve got so much unspoilt wilderness, so many welcoming communities, and so much opportunity to create lasting memories that the only thing missing is the means to explore. But with a caravan behind your car and a rough idea of where you want to go; here’s three reasons why you really can do it all, safely in a Bailey.

You can go anywhere

Whether it’s to the beach, the lake, the mountains or somewhere in between; the general rule of thumb is that if you can drive there in your car, you can tow a caravan there too. And although there are a couple of obvious exceptions (alpine access roads, steep gravel etc), with a caravan you can always unhook and secure it at your site for full use of your car again.

Unlike a motorhome, this gives you the ability to get in and out of town centres easily, fit into any carpark and go for day trips while your ‘home away from home’ waits securely for your return. You’re also able to tow caravans on your regular full driver’s licence. And because every Bailey is self-contained; it means you can get a little off the beaten track, spend the night somewhere special, and wake up to enjoy your morning brew, framed by a full-length vertical skylight.

You can do everything

Unlike most holidays, when you’re travelling with a caravan you have the flexibility to do it on your terms. Because with everything you need right behind your car, your only major concern is finding a place to park it each night. You don’t need to see a travel agent or spend hours searching for the best price online; because with some smart planning, you could tour around some of the best sights and locations New Zealand has at peak times. If you’re able to travel off-peak, then you could literally stay somewhere completely different each night.

If you’re used to booking motels, hotels or AirBnbs, you’ll know you can only rely on their pictures and descriptions when it comes to the essentials. But as is the case with any caravan, when you arrive at a new campsite or town you know exactly what you have to work with – which is often more than any kitchenette, B&B or holiday park has.

In every Bailey for example, you’ve got a domestic fridge and freezer, 3 burner hob, an oven and a microwave. With your own barbeque, you can even hook it up to your caravan’s gas outside, too. And because you’re fully self-contained, you never have to wait to use any of it.

You can count on being safe

In a caravan, everything is yours. You don’t have to worry about shared facilities or anyone else’s hygiene, but with a Bailey you can count on everything being secure when you’re not using it too. Our caravans are built to withstand thousands of hours on the road too, and in the past we’ve even toured them across Europe, the Australian Outback and the Arctic Circle.

By constructing our caravans using our patented Alu-Tech technology, you can live comfortably in any weather. Its six key components all work together to decrease weight, increase insulation and protection, and balance the entire caravan better so you can explore comfortably. And should anything happen while you’re out enjoying the best of what our country has to offer, we have seven authorised dealers and parts resellers located throughout New Zealand.

With so much diversity between the far north and the deep south, there really is something for everyone in between. And in a Bailey, you can get out there and make memories experiencing the best of it. For more information speak to the Bailey NZ team or get in touch with your local dealer to see one for yourself.